Merry Christmas everyone!

The last couple weeks have flown by. We’ve kept busy finishing up Christmas projects and even managed to complete a few new ones.

Like these adorable reindeer! 🙂 This was a directed drawing project which the kids did fantastic on.

We also made these not-so-little elves. Each child got to be an elf by decorating these elves like themselves – same color hair, eyes, and skin. It was really hard not to make them into rainbow elves.

But they got to color the bodies whichever colors they chose. Some of them are almost as tall as they are! We hung them in the gym/cafeteria to help decorate for the Christmas program.

Which brings us to the next thing we kept busy with these past few weeks — the Christmas program. The kids practiced and practiced and we are so proud of them!! 🙂 They did such a great job!

The last two days have been spent celebrating Christmas and enjoying a well-deserved break by having pajama parties, watching Christmas movies, having lots of free play, and doing some fun Christmas games!

Last of all, each child got a fun little snowman that they made themselves from a candy bar and socks, as well as a Christmas book to read over Christmas break.

Have a wonderful wonderful Christmas break everyone! 🙂 Merry Christmas!


Hello Everyone! Happy Friday!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. 🙂

Last week was a short week but we managed to stuff quite a bit into the days before Thanksgiving break. We finished up two more Thanksgiving projects. One was a turkey made from five different colored hand prints — it was a cute, silly looking turkey that the kids enjoyed crafting. The other was a “snack” turkey made from an apple, marshmallows, fruit snacks, and gumdrops. The kids were pretty excited about those as well. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture a picture of either of these because we made them so fast and then sent them home right away. 

This week we jumped straight into preparing for Christmas. The kids were thrilled to see this Christmas tree set up in the corner. They got to decorate it themselves and are having a blast taking all the ornaments off and decorating it again. Once and a while, they sing a carol or two while they decorate — I think it might be one of their favorite centers.

We’ve also been working on Christmas cards to send to the troops. There was about ten different cards they could choose from to color. Many of them even did more than one. 

We have so many fun Christmas projects planned. We were able to start two this week. One was these adorable little reindeer. They get to cut most of it out themselves and practice writing their names as well. 

 The other project we started was these fun decorative Christmas trees. This is a multi-step project and involves using almost all of their fine motor skills. This project is so popular that they all wanted to do it at the same time and many wanted to make two or three.

They had to paint a paper plate green and then it was cut into three triangles. Next, they got to thread ribbon through paper hole punches at the bottom of each triangle. Then they got to get crazy with stickers and with gluing sequins and gems onto it. Lastly they were stapled by a teacher and are now hanging up in the classroom.

As it is pretty time consuming, only half the class is done with this one, and the others are patiently waiting to finish theirs. 

Though this isn’t a Christmas project or even Christmas related, I had to add it on here to demonstrate how much fun they have during free play and how creative these kids are. It took some serious teamwork to build this tower, and the boys had a blast doing it.

Stay tuned for many more Christmas related projects and centers. 🙂 Have a great week!


Happy happy Friday! 

It is almost Thanksgiving and the kids have been hard at work decorating our classroom for the holiday. 

These are little turkeys made from coffee filters, colored in with markers and then sprayed with water. The kids loved making them and they each have a magnet on the back so you can show off your kids’ creativity on the fridge if you like. 

This one involved practicing  their fine motor skills. Everyone got at least four feathers and the goal was to cut on the lines all around the feathers. It gives the feathers a fringe and makes them look a bit more like feathers — even if they are rainbow colored. The kids’ favorite part was seeing how giant the turkey was at the end.

This project was probably their favorite one. It involved water painting which the kids love — and are really good at! It also involved the most steps as they to paint feathers, color the head, and then glue it all together. 

Last of all we have our thankful turkey. Each feather represents something we are thankful for, though there were so many things we came up with that they couldn’t all fit on there. 

In addition to all the Thanksgiving fun we have been working on our colors, letters, and numbers. We went over the colors red, yellow, and green; the numbers 1, 2, and 3; and the letters E, F, and L.

Stay tuned for our fun and exciting Christmas projects next! 





Happy Friday everyone! 

I hope everyone has had a great couple weeks! We have had lots of fun in preschool with Halloween last week and preparation for Veteran’s Day this week. 

Last week we were busy making Halloween decorations and doing fun Halloween activities and projects. We made a spooky Halloween house and made some cute little bats to hang out with us in there. As you can see, our house features pictures of most of us. 

We also made our very own big green monsters inspired by the book Go Away, Big Green Monster! by Ed Emberley. The kids loved this book so much we just had to include a project that was related to it. We also read it several times. No one seemed to get tired of it. 

And of course, we had a blast dressing up for Halloween. We had two Halloween parties — one on Wednesday and one on Thursday — to include as many of the kids as possible. They loved every minute of it. We had fun snacks, and fun projects, and little gift bags filled with candy to take home at the end of the day.

This week we concentrated mostly on preparing for Veteran’s Day. We practiced for our Veteran’s Day program every day. The kids loved singing and dancing to the Veteran’s Day songs. We spent most of the week making decorations for the program including these majestic eagles made from our hand prints and fingerprints, and including a personal thank-you from each of the kids.

Many of the kids enjoyed dressing up in red, white, and blue for the day.

As you can tell we’re keeping busy and having lots of fun! Stay tuned for our Thanksgiving projects, decorations, and learning centers. Have a great weekend! 




Hello everyone! Happy Friday!

The last couple weeks have been busy! Last week we participated in the Work-a-Thon by cleaning up the school’s playground. We raked leaves, picked up garbage and sticks, and had lots of fun in the process! This week we have focused on Fall based lessons, projects, and crafts. Some of our projects include: spiderwebs with our names spelled out in them,  ears of corn made with our feet, a sensory table filled with oats, cinnamon, and little pom poms, and a little Farmer’s Market where applesauce, pies, and popcorn are made and sold.

Working hard and having fun! 

 It wouldn’t be Fall without a big pile of leaves to jump into. 

  We made one of the corners of our classroom into a Farmer’s Market. Some of the stuff we made include pies and popcorn. We have had lots of fun crafting pies and popcorn and selling them to our friends. 

Apple pie day was a blast! Each student got to make a real apple pie with the help of some of our lovely church volunteers. It was fun to watch the process as they peeled apples, mixed together sugar and cinnamon, and formed the pie crusts. Each student got to bring their pie home at the end of the day.

Next week we begin our Halloween decorating and our lessons will have a fun Fall/Halloween twist to make learning even more fun!




Hey everyone! Happy Fall! 🙂

We’ve been very busy this past week transforming our class into a pumpkin patch and apple orchard. 

We have been having lots of fun crafting things to decorate our classroom with. This is probably our favorite craft so far — painting trucks and then filling them with pumpkins using our thumbprints. 

We also practiced spelling our names with this fun apple orchard project. In addition, we got to work on our scissor skills and gluing skills — under close supervision of course! 

On Thursday we got to take a little field trip to the Fire Hall to learn all about fire equipment and fire safety. 

As you can see we’ve had a great week! Have a good weekend everyone!





 October 2019 Calendar



January 2019- SNOW and ICE THEME

                    Playing in the fake snow!

               Ice fishing for letters and numbers!

             Our “tinker tray” creations: Snowflakes


                        Will our snowman melt?

                     What will he look like by the end of the day?

                He started as 3 spheres. The bottom           sphere had a flat bottom. We had 5 ice balls to choose from to build our snowman.




The final result was that he was still a snowman, but much smaller than when he started. His head fell off right after we finished with our results. All our guesses were correct!


Puff Painting: Snowy Day Theme


October 2018

Apple Pie Making


A Fun Week with the Letter “P”

This week, the preschoolers enjoyed learning about the letter P, through a fun theme of pigs, in story books, crafts, and  foods.  First,we read “The Three Little Pigs”.  Then we had snacks, resembling their building materials for their homes; straw, sticks, and bricks.  Students voted on which snack tasted better.  Later, we made pigs from the letter P on pink paper, along with many other fun activities.  The highlight for the children, was when we were visited by a real live pig.  It has been a great week!


My resolution is to communicate better with my parents through newsletters and the website. Thank you all for the patience you have shown me in 2016. My links just weren’t working and hopefully we have it all figured out now.  My preschoolers are doing well with their learning. We have done all the straight line letters that start on the left : L, F, E, H; the straight line letters that start in the middle: I, T; and are just beginning to work on curved letters: C and O so far. In our new curriculum we have gone through 3 units (themes): Ready for School, My Family and Our Community. Our next unit will be Awesome Animals. The students are really enjoying the new curriculum.


2016 in REVIEW

September: Introduction to Rules and Routines

October: Kindergarten/Preschool Halloween Party


PreK Thanksgiving

November: Veteran’s Day Program and Thanksgiving

December: Christmas Program and Gingerbread House Building

* Please Note: I have been too busy making memories to capture them! Another resolution for me to make: Get better at taking and posting pictures!*


IN SEARCH OF: The preschool class would like you to save and bring in any plastic milk caps! We will be using them to learn or review our alphabet letters. THANKS!!!