January 2019- SNOW and ICE THEME

                    Playing in the fake snow!

               Ice fishing for letters and numbers!

             Our “tinker tray” creations: Snowflakes


                        Will our snowman melt?

                     What will he look like by the end of the day?

                He started as 3 spheres. The bottom           sphere had a flat bottom. We had 5 ice balls to choose from to build our snowman.




The final result was that he was still a snowman, but much smaller than when he started. His head fell off right after we finished with our results. All our guesses were correct!


Puff Painting: Snowy Day Theme


October 2018

Apple Pie Making


A Fun Week with the Letter “P”

This week, the preschoolers enjoyed learning about the letter P, through a fun theme of pigs, in story books, crafts, and  foods.  First,we read “The Three Little Pigs”.  Then we had snacks, resembling their building materials for their homes; straw, sticks, and bricks.  Students voted on which snack tasted better.  Later, we made pigs from the letter P on pink paper, along with many other fun activities.  The highlight for the children, was when we were visited by a real live pig.  It has been a great week!


My resolution is to communicate better with my parents through newsletters and the website. Thank you all for the patience you have shown me in 2016. My links just weren’t working and hopefully we have it all figured out now.  My preschoolers are doing well with their learning. We have done all the straight line letters that start on the left : L, F, E, H; the straight line letters that start in the middle: I, T; and are just beginning to work on curved letters: C and O so far. In our new curriculum we have gone through 3 units (themes): Ready for School, My Family and Our Community. Our next unit will be Awesome Animals. The students are really enjoying the new curriculum.


2016 in REVIEW

September: Introduction to Rules and Routines

October: Kindergarten/Preschool Halloween Party


PreK Thanksgiving

November: Veteran’s Day Program and Thanksgiving

December: Christmas Program and Gingerbread House Building

* Please Note: I have been too busy making memories to capture them! Another resolution for me to make: Get better at taking and posting pictures!*


IN SEARCH OF: The preschool class would like you to save and bring in any plastic milk caps! We will be using them to learn or review our alphabet letters. THANKS!!!