Warm Greetings from Sacred Heart Area School!

    I hope everyone can take some time to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate and warm up as the weather cools down. While students were doing Distance Learning at home, I had the privilege to pray with those that came to Morning prayer with Mrs Kriefall. What a privilege it is to share our Faith with these little ones. Hearing them pray together makes me so grateful for our parents and the staff here in our community. Passing on this Faith in our Lord Jesus is so important. Especially during times of trials. I can point to many times in my own life where my Faith or the Faith of others would turn me to our Lord for healing and peace. This last year has been no exception. I have made a personal commitment to pray each morning as I face the Crucifix in our home. Asking the Lord to walk with us throughout our day is so important. We want to be guided by His Spirit, and seek guidance every day. My encouragement is that we all make a commitment to offer up a prayer in the morning, asking God to walk with us through our day. Whatever we are facing that day. God already knows. He knows where we are going to falter and he knows where we will succeed. Learn from our mistakes, and grow from our successes. In this month of November we can reflect on our gratitude for all we have. Be sure to offer up a prayer of thanksgiving to our Lord for all we do have. Let’s continue to stand together as a community. Please go on praying for one another. Reach out a helping hand when possible, and let’s share in one another’s joy. Know that I am so thankful to be a part of this community. May God Bless each of you.


God Bless,

Sara Kriefall