Healthy and Safe (September 13, 2012)

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Hello Parents,

We hope your children are having a wonderful new school year, enjoying their classmates, teachers, and school experience.  As we share this year together it is important we communicate often.  Always feel free to bring your ideas, concerns, and questions to us without hesitation.  Due to new federal guidelines from the Healthy-Hungry Free Kids Act, your children will see big changes with the school’s lunch program this year.  Fruits and vegetables will be pushed more, while high starch foods will be limited.  The government’s goal is to raise a healthier generation of American children.  Let us pray that we are on the right track.  To learn more about these changes, search on-line for nutrition standards for school meals.   On Wednesday morning, September 19th SHAS K-6 students will receive 20 minutes of bus safety training from bus driver Joan on our large playground.  This annual instruction is provided to keep the boys and girls thinking about the dangers involved in getting on and off, and traveling on the bus.  Don’t forget!  Picture day is also Wednesday.

Next Friday, September 21st, Sacred Heart Area School, along with the entire district, will be conducting its annual evacuation drill.  This drill is done to prepare our schools to evacuate in short time, if an actual threat was present in our buildings.  As part of this drill, SHAS students will assemble in the church basement at 3pm.  At 3:05pm, the High School students will be dismissed for the drill.  As it has been done for many years, half of these high school students will share the church basement with us.  At approximately 3:15pm, our students will be dismissed from the church basement to load busses, which will be parked along 4th street next to the community center and football field.  The High School students will then follow.  In the next week, you will receive more information, along with requests for information of where you would want your child(ren) delivered by bus if there was an actual evacuation, and where you want your children to actually go on the day of the drill.  Please complete these sheets and return them as soon as possible so we can plan for Friday’s event.  If for some reason you do not want your child to participate in this drill, you will want to arrange for them to be picked up by 2:50pm.  Have a blessed week!

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