Abby:  Ms. Can I Do It?          Isabel:  Ms. Doodle

Andrew:  Mr. In At Recess        Jameson:  Mr. Sit Right

Ava:  Ms. Stuffies                    Lexi: Ms. Kitty

Avery:  Ms. Small Stuff          Riley:  Mr. Military

Eli G:  Mr. Off Topic               Sam:  Mr. Giggles

Eli R:  Mr. Rocket Man           Skye:  Ms. Reads A Lot

May Team Cup Winners:

Isabel and Sam

1370 Points

After School Pizza and Movie Party

April Student of the Month:


April Team Cup Winners:

Avery and Andrew

1488 Points

Eli R and Abby

1484 Points

Cleaning up the staples, nails, and screws.

Kindergarten Friends at Mass

Happy Birthday Avery! 4-20

Happy Birthday Sam! 4-17

Todd-Wadena Electric Cooperative Demonstration

March Student of the Month:



March Team Cup Winners:

Isabel and Andrew.

1528 Points

Massive Mountain

Winners of the Reading Challenge

  Middle School Play: Pied Piper of Hamelin.

February Student of the Month:


February Team Cup Winners:

Abby and Riley.

1204 Points

Happy GOLDEN Birthday Eli R! 3-10

Happy Birthday Eli G! 3-4

100 Activities for 100th Day of School

I Love to Read Month

Trip to the Library

Catholic Schools Week

January Student of the Month:


January Team Cup Winners:

Eli G and Eli R.

1617 Points

Happy Birthday Riley! 1-22

Happy Birthday Lexi! 1-14

December Student of the Month:


December Team Cup Winners:

Skye and Eli R.

3175 Points

Happy Birthday Isabel! 12-25

Happy Birthday Skye! 12-21

Happy 1/2 Birthday Jameson! 12-11

November Student of the Month:

Eli G.

November Team Cup Winners

Andrew and Sam

1549 Points

Happy Birthday Abby! 11-24

Annual Stand Selfie

October Student of the Month:

Eli R.

October Team Cup Winners

Isabel and Lexi

1196 Points

Happy Birthday Ava! 11-1

All Saints Day Dress Up

September Team Cup Winners

Riley and Andrew

1110 Points

September Student of the Month:


Happy Birthday Andrew! 9-20

First Day Pictures