Dear Parents…

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Thank you to all our parents who attended our Special Parent Meeting last night! There was a lot of information shared regarding the survey for parents’ interest in SHAS having a sixth grade and combined classes. Parents shared a lot of ideas and thoughts on what they want for their children and school. This meeting was an important step in the final decisions to be made on the future structure of our school. Your opinion does matters to us!

Items discussed were having a combined class of our smallest classes next year, which are this year’s 3rd and 4th grades classes. Also discussed, due to the 5 year projection of parent interest in sixth grade, was the possibility of continuing sixth grade at Sacred Heart until June 1st of 2014, because of the high interest from this year’s 4th and 5th grade parents. Our surveys show that there is a considerable drop of interest in our younger grades. If you want more information from what was discussed at the meeting or what the results were from the survey, please give us a call or stop by to visit.

Catholic Schools Week (CSW) is quickly approaching. We have a lot of fun experiences scheduled for the children. Details will be sent your way next week.
Please consider starting CSW out right by attending one of our kick-off masses scheduled for 5pm on January 28th, at Sacred Heart, and 10:30am on the 29th, at St. Michael’s. We hope your families can make it. Regardless of your denomination, you are all welcome to celebrate and worship together as a school family.

Please pray for Grandma Mona Weber and her husband Leonard. Leonard’s health is diminishing. We pray for strength for both of them.

God bless you all

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