This spring really presented us as a community with a challenge. One that I believe all of us have learned from. Something that we learned is that our community is passionate about our school and our students. Our staff has diligently prepared and planned towards safely opening and giving our students opportunities to learn and grow. What this time has shown us is that our students learn from each other as well as their teachers. They want to be in their community of friends and work together to accomplish their goals.   As the situation changes, the plan will change as well. We will communicate any changes to the COVID-19 safe reopening plan to all parents when these changes occur.


            Now that we have had our time to talk with school stakeholders, reviewing federal and state guidelines we believe that we will be prepared for our students to return to school an in- person setting. We will be doing so that we can continue to remain in person for as long as our counties metrics hold. While at school your child will be shown best practices for hygiene and how to keep themselves and others safe. Frequent hand washing, using face coverings, physical distancing, smaller groups, and staying home when sick, a combination of these strategies will help us to keep everyone safe and healthy. A volunteer from our community has offered to sew masks for each student with Sacred Heart Area School on the mask. If you are able to please provide a mask in your child’s backpack as well. This will help us continue to build a culture of community in our school, knowing that we are working together to keep our friends and families safe. Together we can help keep Sacred Heart School a vibrant community of learning, faith, and support. Thank you for your patience, encouragement, and support during this time. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at any time.  
God Bless each of you,

Sara Kriefall

Interim School Director

Preschool Plan: Copy of Our COVID-19 Preparedness Plan- Draft 2

PreK- 6th  Plan: Sacred Heart Area School 2020-2021 COVID-19 Preparedness Plan (1)



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