Sprint into Summer 5K and Fun Run

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On May 7th, families from the community and surrounding area enjoyed participating in the SHAS 2nd annual 5K Run and Kids Fun Run, “Sprint into Summer”.  52 registered runners ran the 5K race including some SHAS students.  35 children from the community participated in the Kids Fun Run.  This highly anticipated race encourages running in the weeks and months leading up to the race date, helping us live healthier lives.  We are grateful to the parents of our school who take the time to organize this run, which is becoming more popular each year.

Healthy Choices

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During the last week of March, volunteer, Mrs. Barb Peterson taught a class on healthy food choices for all students in grades Preschool – 5th Grade.  She explained the variety of foods we need to eat daily to get all the nutrients are bodies require, what appropriate servings are, and how to read ingredient labels.  The students were amazed with some of the facts, realizing we most often don’t eat the way we should.  We eat foods with way to much sugar and eat multiple servings of what is recommended.  We are grateful to Barb for sharing her expertise in health with our students and the impact that she has made.


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Spring Blast May 6, 2017

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SHAS Preschool & Kindergarten RoundUp

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Sacred Heart Area School is hosting its 2017 Preschool and Kindergarten Roundup/Open House, Tuesday, March 21stPizza served at 6pm

Wednesday March 22nd, 9am-Noon – Be a preschool student for a day.  C0me and see what a day in preschool is like!MarlnDory


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The February 5th Carnival was a fantastic success.  Although it was very taxing on parents and staff, the kids had a very fun, memorable time and we raised approximately $20,000 to go toward the general budget for continued school operations.  Over $17,000 of these dollars came from raffle ticket sales.  This was by far the most successful carnival yet!  Congratulations families and staff for an incredibleIMG_3365 IMG_3372 IMG_3392 IMG_3393 IMG_3418 IMG_3453 job well done!


SHAS Christmas Program

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Each year the students of SHAS along with help from the staff, put on phenomenal Christmas program performances, that truly place us in the presence of God and the true meaning of Christmas.  Thank you to all who played a part to make this happen again this year on December 21st


Veterans Day

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ON November 11th, the boys and girls of SHAS, along with help from staff, honored our veterans in song, words, and actions. Today, more than ever, our young people need to be instilled with the sense of patriotism, appreciation for those who have sacrificed so much for us, and a forever love for our country and each other.  Over 100 members of the community were in attendance for this event. God bless our Vets and God bless our country!














Thank you Jares family!

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A huge thank you to the Jares family for donating all of these books to our students in memory of their mother Helen Jares. The Jares family had 14 kids in their family and they all attended Sacred Heart Area School! The family also made a donation to our school scholarship fund! Thank you Jares family!


WORK-A-THON Success!!!

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On Wednesday, October 19, the students of Sacred Heart Area School had their annual work-athon. They raked leaves, picked up sticks, and pine-needles in the Staples city parks. Students asked community members for pledges toward their work to raise money for their school, raising over $8000 to meet their goal. The work-athon replaced the marathon where students in the past would ride bike or walk to collect pledges for their Catholic school. This work-athon teaches students both good citizenship and discipleship. Great work boys and girls!