2019 Catholic Schools Week

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Despite our Catholic Schools Week being delayed for a week, it was definitely worth the wait.  Each day had a different dress up theme and special classroom and group activities.  The highlight of the week was having graduating seniors that are former SHAS alumni come over to compete in various games with current SHAS students.

Honoring Our Veterans

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During our recent Veteran’s Day program, each class demonstrated their respect for past and present veterans by learning about each branch of the armed services and their individual service songs.  The students and invited guests were also treated to an excellent speech by Jim Vollegraaf describing his experiences in basic training in the 1960’s.  Mr. Vollegraaf masterfully connected his military team building exercises with student classroom interactions.  At a solemn closing to our program, our very own music teacher, Michael Rohr, provided a wonderful rendition of TAPS.

All Saints Day

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For All Saints Day, students had the opportunity to learn about and dress up as their favorite saint.  Every student in the 4th and 5th grade participated, and the procession before mass was well received by the parishioners.

Halloween Dance

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Everyone had a great time at the Halloween Dance and we raised more than expected for upcoming field trips.  Thanks again to Mr. O for providing his DJ services!

Work-athon at the Staples Cemetery

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On Wednesday, October 17th, SHAS K-5 students earned their Work-athon pledges by raking leaves and uncovering obscured grave markers at the Staples cemetery.  The preschool students earned their pledges by raking leaves and tidying up around the school grounds.  It was a crisp sunny day and everyone enjoyed contributing to a very worthy community service project.  Thanks to everyone that participated or pledge support!

Fire Hall Visit

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All SHAS students walked over to the Staples Fire Hall to learn about the equipment that firefighters use to protect themselves and to save people in emergency situations.  Some of the kindergartners tried on a real helmet, and the 5th graders watched a demonstration of a key piece of life saving equipment.

Grandparent’s Day

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After our annual Grandparent’s Day mass, SHAS students had the opportunity to eat some delicious treats and visit with their grandparents.  Some grandparents also took advantage of the opportunity to have a family picture taken!

Old Wadena Field Trip

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On September 26th, SHAS 5th graders visited the Old Wadena County Park where they learned about the history of the first village of Wadena from a fur trade reenactor, area wildlife, bog diversity, tree identification and soil composition.  It was a cold and rainy day but they had fun and learned a lot during their visit.

2018-2019 Calendar

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Sacred Heart Area School Calendar 2018-2019

Gigantic Rummage Sale

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“The Mother of All Garage Sales”
Sacred Heart Area School
324 4th Street NN Staples, MN
The SHAS Garage Sale will be taking place June 28th, 29th (9-6) and 30th (9-3). This is the largest garage sale in the region, Filling the school gymnasium, all the classrooms, and the adjacent parking lot. If you are donating items, please donate serviceable items only, that you would like to see at a garage sale that you go to yourself. Thank you all!