Preschool News

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Looking Back On Learning……

This month at Sacred Heart Preschool, we have been busy, busy, busy with lots of learning.  We started off the month learning about all kinds of Weather.  Some of the weather included rain, snow, and wind.  We read the story “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” and made our very own preschool book.  We also talked about Zoo animals.  We made a variety of different animals in art.  We practiced acting like lions, tigers, kangaroos, monkeys, and bears at circle time.  We have been talking about our feelings and healthy ways to express our feelings.  In our Tues/Thur class Officer Birkholtz came to teach us about being a police officer and  in our Wed/Fri class Annalise Shippee-PA came in to teach us about being a doctor.  This week we will be talking about all kinds of transportation.

I am very proud of all the preschoolers!  We have been working extra hard on our letter and number recognition. We have also been focusing on practicing our days of the week, months of the year, and our season.  It is beneficial for all families to re-enforce learning at home.  Together we can build a great future for your child!



We Reflect on Our Blessings

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I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday break!

I am so proud of all the Preschool and Kindergarten students. We had a FANTASTIC Christmas Program, followed by a well deserved pizza party. Everyone worked so hard on their parts!

During the Advent season, the preschool students learned all about Jesus’ birth. We talked about the advent wreath and used this calendar to count down the days until Jesus’ birth. We learned the wreath is in a shape of a circle because God’s love never ends! We learned the true meaning of the Candy Cane! The candy cane is a very special Christmas Candy. It is the same shape as a shepherd’s staff. If you turn the candy cane in your hand it looks like the letter J. J is for Jesus, who was born on Christmas Day. The red reminds us of his suffering and his blood. The white reminds us when we give our lives to Jesus, his blood washes away our sins, making us white and pure as snow.

I hope during the Advent season, each of your families took some time to reflect on all your blessings!