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We hope and pray your Lenten season is off to a great start. At Sacred Heart Area School the children and staff are celebrating Lent with weekly school wide prayer services, daily reflection in their classrooms, and individual acts of stewardship, fasting, and/or prayer.  We encourage our families to do something special this Lenten season to grow into a deeper relationship with God.  It is a simple truth that all happiness comes from the grace of God and our relationship with Him.  The greatest life long gift we can give our children is to instill this relationship in their hearts.  As a community we are very fortunate to have a Catholic school for our children to attend, where with the critical help of our families we can accomplish this task.  May the spirit burn within us, all the brighter this Lenten season, and let our light shine for all to see.

Christmas Program

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The boys and girls performed beautifully Wednesday night, December 19th, in their programs “Lets Dress Up for Christmas” (preschool and kindergarten) and “The Big Big Story” (grades 1-6).  The children never fail to put us in the true spirit of Christmas with these performances.  Families met in the church basement after the programs for hot cocoa, cookies and fellowship.

Apple Pies

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The boys and girls are very grateful to our parrisioner friends who participated in the annual apple pie baking event.  For the past four years students have brought apples from home to make and bake their own pie with the help and guidance of parishioners, including; Orv and Marge Meyer, Tom and Gayle Honek, Gene and Ginny Platzer, Bernie St. Pierre, Bea Hoxter,  Gayle Wonders, Ann Denemeyer.  God bless you all!

Christmas around the World

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Christmas around the World

On the afternoon of December 13th, each classroom teacher offered a short lesson on how Christmas is celebrated in a different country, which included Germany, Philippines, Mexico, India, Poland, and Sweden.  Children rotated from class to class (two sessions each) learning about various Christmas traditions in these foreign lands.  Students found some very interesting customs, from tasty foods in Poland to wearing a wreath of lit candles on one’s head in Sweden.  Students studying Christmas in the Philippines received a virtual airline flight tour at the beginning of their lesson.  In Germany they learned about the Christmas tree and the poinsettia in Mexico.  India has significant cultural and belief differences that amazed the boys and girls.  Thank you teachers for such stimulating lessons for our students.

Audubon Center Fieldtrip

dsc08150dsc07939dsc07971The SHAS 4th, 5th, and 6th graders, along with 8 parents and 2 teachers, attended the Audubon Center of the Northwoods, near Sandstone, Minnesota, November 14-16, for a fascinating 3 day, 2 night ecological adventure.  As part of this educational experience students participated in forest nature quests, supervised up close encounters with forest animals, predator/prey role playing games, a high ropes confidence building course, KP (kitchen patrol) duty, and much more.  This field trip is a highlight for our intermediate students and has been a tradition for the past 14 years, made on alternating years with the traditional State Capitol/Science Museum field trip.  “Two thumbs up” for the Audubon Center!

Swimming Party

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Sacred Heart Area School grades 1-6 students enjoyed a well earned swimming party, which was held Monday afternoon, October 29th at the community center.  This was there reward for surpassing the $9,000 school marathon goal.  Preschool and kindergarten students will have a pizza party at Giovanni’s on November 7th.  The total raised was $10,200.  Congratulations on a job well done!

Grandparents Day

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Thursday, September 27th, was Grandparents Day at SHAS.  Grandparents were invited to the Thursday morning Mass with the children and fellowship after at the school.  Muffins and coffee were provided and the Scholastic Book Fair was available.  We are so blessed with the presence of our grandparents in our lives, watching over us, guiding our families, and so often helping us in so many different ways.  Thank you grandparents for all you do and all your love!

Hats Off to Our Teachers!

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All of us at Sacred Heart Area School love our teachers and the wonderful work they do with our children.  The week of May 7th was Teacher Apprciation Week.  This was our opportunity to show our grattitude to our teachers.  On Wednesday, May 9th, Teachers were honored by the student body, while Mrs. Trout received recognition for 25 years of service to Sacred Heart Area School.  Through the week parents and students showered the teachers with cards and gifts.  The Home and School treated each of them to a relaxing lunch, morning cappuccino, massage sessions (compliments of Andrea Broughten), and some break time from the classroom.  Thank you parents and students for making this week extra special.  Most of all, Thank you teachers!

4th Grade Presentations

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The Fourth Graders presented their state reports May 11th, to parents, grandparents, and classmates, with the use of interactive whiteboard technology.  This was a great chance for these students to be the teachers and share some exciting facts about their favorite state.  Keep up the great work boys and girls!

Author’s Tea

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The second graders at Sacred Heart Area School had an  Author’s Tea event Friday, May 11th, organized by second grade teacher Mrs. Johnson.  Students, teachers,  parents, and grandparents were invited to view the second graders compositions that they have written this year.  Great stories and tasty snacks made this event enjoyable for all.