Adopting the Minnesota Academic Standards

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This past year, our teachers have been studying and comparing the Minnesota Academic Standards for math and language arts, and more recently in science, to the standards of the St. Cloud Diocese.  Although many similarities were found, the more recently revised Minnesota Standards seemed superior in many ways.  They were more up-to-date with the latest trends in education, more integrated across subjects, and challenged students to think more critically and creatively.  They also fit well into our curriculum.  The recently adopted Minnesota science standards also incorporate a new category.  In addition to Earth and Space, Life, and Physical, the category, or strand, called the Nature of Science and Engineering was added, which is oriented to developing careers.  Not to many years ago, our Diocesan Standards, adopted in 2001, were the superior standards.  We will certainly keep our religion standards from the diocese, but for now we are planning on officially adopting the Minnesota Standards for language arts, math,  science, and social studies for the 2012-2013 school year.  Be sure of this, that this does not change our identity as a faith based Catholic school.  Most schools in the diocese are considering or have switched over to the Minnesota Standards to various degrees.  We want parents to have the opportunity to address any thoughts or concerns before we do so.  Please share with us any likes, dislikes or uncertainties that you may have, before we go forward with this formal adoption.  Our world is changing quickly with so many rapid advances.  It only makes sense that the standards we set for our children change to meet the changes of their world.

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