A Busy Week for Young Citizens

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Sacred Heart Area School students celebrated Election Day and Veterans Day by voting for president and honoring our heroes.  Mrs. Trout’s 4th/5th Class facilitated voting booths and ballots for all students, Tuesday morning, November 6th.  SHAS students are taught the importance to, and duty as a citizen, to vote.  Unlike the national results, Romney had a landslide victory.  We pray that our president and our country grow stronger economically and work toward peace and protecting the dignity and life of all people in these next 4 years.   The children of SHAS celebrated Veterans Day November 9th, with a program.  All grade levels participated with song, speaking, or acting.  Fabulous job boys and girls!  There is such an important lesson in gratitude learned by our children from celebrating this day.  Learning to be grateful is learning to be happy with what you have.  We want to thank guest speaker, Jack Giza, for sharing his very special story of Veterans Day, life experiences, and his father’s story of WWI.  It was much enjoyed by all.  The children also enjoyed the fabulous air show with WWII fighter planes later that afternoon, right from our school grounds.  Thank you veterans for all you have done for us!

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