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We are very excited to announce that the SHAS Marathon will be held October 15th.  We chose this day because Staples Elementary does not have school in session, which means our students will not have PE, music, or art.  Our plan is to have a walk-a-thon.  Our tentative (new) route will take all students K-6 down 3rd street from Sacred Heart Church, past the backside of Burger King to the new overpass.  The new overpass has a walking path for pedestrians.  This route will take us to Lincoln Park next to the old Lincoln Model School.  We will have cookies and drink, a short time to play, and then the return walk.  Preschoolers will have an alternate shorter route which will take them to the Burlington Northern Park and back.  Remember, this is one of our 3 biggest fundraisers of the year, and one the two that all K-6 families are responsible to help raise funds for our school.  We welcome, encourage, and count on preschool family participation as well.  This year’s goal is $9,000 for our school.  We are counting on all K-6 students, with the help of family, to raise $150 each (individual marathon goal).  Next Tuesday will be our Marathon Kick-off.  We have some fabulous incentive prizes for our students that we will share at that time.  Watch for more information coming home Tuesday.   Jim Opelia, Principal Sept. 20, 2012





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