School year of 2018- 2019

 Kindergarten Class of 2018 in September!


First day of School! 

We had such a fun first couple weeks of Kindergarten! We learned so much and can’t wait to keep learning all year. 
The students also got to help make a delicious treat and make some apple sauce! Yummy!















 This year I wanted to use the ASL alphabet to assist the students in learning the letters and there sounds. The video below is by Jack Hartman, and he not only teaches the sounds of the letters, but the sign to go with it. We love it!


October 8- 12:

This week is fire prevention week. We had such a fun visit to the Staples Volunteer Fire Department. They showed us the jaws of life, and all of the tools that they may use during a fire. We also appreciated our High School friends coming along with us! 






Veterans Day Program- November 2018

The Kindergartners, along with the Preschool students  were able to watch and participate in this moving ceremony. The children sang ” This is America to me” written by Jack Hartmen. 
 Kindergarten students are in the top row, preschools in the lower two rows.

December- 2018 

The students were able to have a Christmas celebration in class. We wore pajamas, watched a movie. This was all after we spent many weeks practicing for our Christmas program with our Preschool friends. The day of our party we also got a special visit from St Nicholas himself! Such a fun time to be at SHAS! For classmate gifts, students exchanged socks , and each student was able to go home with a new pair of socks for Christmas. 












February 2019-  Valentines Bag
The students got to paint Valentines bags using the splatter paint technique. The kids had a blast! The smiles made all of the clean up afterwards well worth it. 
















March 2019

We celebrated the start of spring with eating snack outside. The students enjoyed coloring the sidewalks with  chalk as well.