Swimming Party

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Sacred Heart Area School grades 1-6 students enjoyed a well earned swimming party, which was held Monday afternoon, October 29th at the community center.  This was there reward for surpassing the $9,000 school marathon goal.  Preschool and kindergarten students will have a pizza party at Giovanni’s on November 7th.  The total raised was $10,200.  Congratulations on a job well done!

A Marathon to Remember

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Thank you Sacred Heart Area School families for all your hard work!  This year’s October 15th Marathon was one of our best yet raising nearly $10,000, far surpassing our school’s $9,000 goal.  An exact total will be posted at a later date.  Several parents participated in the walk-a-thon event, which took grades 1st -6th students up the new Airport Road walking/biking trail to Prairie Avenue, a rest at the care center’s Dinosaur Park, and a return trip down 4th Street (total distance: 3miles).  Preschool and Kindergarten made the round trip to Burlington Northern Park.  Cookies and drink were available on the trail, and apple slices with caramel when they returned to school.  Students, staff, and parents wore ribbons in memory of one of our former 2nd grade students, Joel Roberts, who was killed in an automobile accident October 2, 1993 the day of the SHAS Marathon.   The youngest of the Roberts’s children will be graduating this spring.  Being part of our school and church is like being part of a family.  We are certainly off to a great school year.  Parents and parishioners have “stepped up to the plate” more than ever.  This is what will allow us to continue our mission of forming young minds and souls, building the Kingdom of God, and be a great school!  Have a great week!

October 11th News

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The teachers are currently studying our list of potential enrichment activities, created by parents and staff, as to if and how each event may fit into our school year and days.  Thank you to those of you who have given input into the creation of this list.  One example is to have a science and engineering event later this year for intermediate grade levels when it best fits into the curriculum that is being covered to meet state standards.


Our Marathon will take place Monday.  We know how much it challenges our families.  We especially appreciate the significant amount of participation from our preschool families.  Thank you to all our parents for your hard work in making this event a success!  Our planned route will take us walking down 3rd Avenue to the new Airport Road (just north of the overpass), up to Prairie Avenue, and to the Dinosaur Park across from the care center.  We will rest, play, and eat cookies for approximately 15 minutes, then take the return trip to school down 4th Street.  Special thanks to Kathryn Edwards and Andrea Broughton for all their hard work in the organization of this event.

Fire Prevention Week

This week was Fire Prevention Week at Sacred Heart Area School.  Students from grades 3-6 participated in a district wide

poster contest.  “Have Two Ways Out” was the theme for the contest.  Our Tues/Thurs Preschool went to visit the fire hall with the 6th graders on Thursday afternoon while the rest of the students will visit Friday morning.  Students were able to learn about fire equipment vehicles and safety.

Volunteer Hours:

Although our new volunteer accountability plan for K-6 parents may not be appreciated by all, please realize it is necessary to keep our school strong and protect the overly worked volunteers we have all counted on for too long.  We have developed an effective system of keeping track of your volunteer hours.  If you do volunteer at an event or do other work for the school, fill out a volunteer card, which includes your name, volunteer event, and duration of time.  This card also requires a signature from the event coordinator or principal for hours to be counted.  These cards are available to parents at the school office and will be made available in the church basement when school events take place.   Some parents were alarmed by the additional $400 volunteer fee on their invoice.  Please realize that it is important for this to be on at the beginning of the year instead of adding it at the end of the year.  This volunteer fee on your invoice will be reduced as the required hours are completed.