Grandparents Day

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Thursday, September 27th, was Grandparents Day at SHAS.  Grandparents were invited to the Thursday morning Mass with the children and fellowship after at the school.  Muffins and coffee were provided and the Scholastic Book Fair was available.  We are so blessed with the presence of our grandparents in our lives, watching over us, guiding our families, and so often helping us in so many different ways.  Thank you grandparents for all you do and all your love!

Four Generations at Sacred Heart

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Ken and Mary Lee (a SHAS Alumnus) Becker have quite the crew of grandchildren and great grandchildren attending Sacred Heart Area School, completing a tradition of 4 generations at the school.  This is just one example of many, of the love and dedication so many people have for this wonderful place.

Preschool News

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Looking Back On Learning……

This month at Sacred Heart Preschool, we have been busy, busy, busy with lots of learning.  We started off the month learning about all kinds of Weather.  Some of the weather included rain, snow, and wind.  We read the story “Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs” and made our very own preschool book.  We also talked about Zoo animals.  We made a variety of different animals in art.  We practiced acting like lions, tigers, kangaroos, monkeys, and bears at circle time.  We have been talking about our feelings and healthy ways to express our feelings.  In our Tues/Thur class Officer Birkholtz came to teach us about being a police officer and  in our Wed/Fri class Annalise Shippee-PA came in to teach us about being a doctor.  This week we will be talking about all kinds of transportation.

I am very proud of all the preschoolers!  We have been working extra hard on our letter and number recognition. We have also been focusing on practicing our days of the week, months of the year, and our season.  It is beneficial for all families to re-enforce learning at home.  Together we can build a great future for your child!



NWEA MAP Testing

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This year, students at Sacred Heart Area School will be taking the NWEA (Northwest Evaluation Association online MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) test.  MAP assessments are designed to find where each student is at academically and give data that will guide teacher instruction to meet the needs of each individual student.  It is an adaptive assessment, which means the testing system adjusts the question to the appropriate level of each individual student based on previous responses.  The key factor to this test is that it is given 3 times a year (fall, winter, and spring), measuring the progress they make.  Therefore, instead of comparing students to each other, the MAP test compares individual accomplishments.  SHAS students’ fall testing window will be the weeks of September 24th and October 1st.  We will continue to test our students with standardized tests, which serve a different purpose, each spring.


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We are very excited to announce that the SHAS Marathon will be held October 15th.  We chose this day because Staples Elementary does not have school in session, which means our students will not have PE, music, or art.  Our plan is to have a walk-a-thon.  Our tentative (new) route will take all students K-6 down 3rd street from Sacred Heart Church, past the backside of Burger King to the new overpass.  The new overpass has a walking path for pedestrians.  This route will take us to Lincoln Park next to the old Lincoln Model School.  We will have cookies and drink, a short time to play, and then the return walk.  Preschoolers will have an alternate shorter route which will take them to the Burlington Northern Park and back.  Remember, this is one of our 3 biggest fundraisers of the year, and one the two that all K-6 families are responsible to help raise funds for our school.  We welcome, encourage, and count on preschool family participation as well.  This year’s goal is $9,000 for our school.  We are counting on all K-6 students, with the help of family, to raise $150 each (individual marathon goal).  Next Tuesday will be our Marathon Kick-off.  We have some fabulous incentive prizes for our students that we will share at that time.  Watch for more information coming home Tuesday.   Jim Opelia, Principal Sept. 20, 2012





Healthy and Safe (September 13, 2012)

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Hello Parents,

We hope your children are having a wonderful new school year, enjoying their classmates, teachers, and school experience.  As we share this year together it is important we communicate often.  Always feel free to bring your ideas, concerns, and questions to us without hesitation.  Due to new federal guidelines from the Healthy-Hungry Free Kids Act, your children will see big changes with the school’s lunch program this year.  Fruits and vegetables will be pushed more, while high starch foods will be limited.  The government’s goal is to raise a healthier generation of American children.  Let us pray that we are on the right track.  To learn more about these changes, search on-line for nutrition standards for school meals.   On Wednesday morning, September 19th SHAS K-6 students will receive 20 minutes of bus safety training from bus driver Joan on our large playground.  This annual instruction is provided to keep the boys and girls thinking about the dangers involved in getting on and off, and traveling on the bus.  Don’t forget!  Picture day is also Wednesday.

Next Friday, September 21st, Sacred Heart Area School, along with the entire district, will be conducting its annual evacuation drill.  This drill is done to prepare our schools to evacuate in short time, if an actual threat was present in our buildings.  As part of this drill, SHAS students will assemble in the church basement at 3pm.  At 3:05pm, the High School students will be dismissed for the drill.  As it has been done for many years, half of these high school students will share the church basement with us.  At approximately 3:15pm, our students will be dismissed from the church basement to load busses, which will be parked along 4th street next to the community center and football field.  The High School students will then follow.  In the next week, you will receive more information, along with requests for information of where you would want your child(ren) delivered by bus if there was an actual evacuation, and where you want your children to actually go on the day of the drill.  Please complete these sheets and return them as soon as possible so we can plan for Friday’s event.  If for some reason you do not want your child to participate in this drill, you will want to arrange for them to be picked up by 2:50pm.  Have a blessed week!

Scholastic Book Fair

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Come check out all the wonderful books and treasures Scholastic has to offer.  Visit our fall Book Fair September 24th-28th from 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM.  You may also shop online at .  All proceeds go directly to Sacred Heart Area School.  Thank you for your support!!  Hope to see you all at the fair!!

Building the Kingdom for Nearly a Century

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